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Mr. Todarello spent his formative years hunting the elusive Yeti in the peaks of the Himalaya Mountains, only to return with a tuft of greyish hair and a few coprolites. He then began to meticulously recreate the experiments of Nikola Tesla in the abandoned warehouses of Redhook, Brooklyn.

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I am an enthusiast of zombie lore, but I definitely don't love everything zombie. I've probably bailed on as many zombie books and movies as I have finished. For me, a lot of zombie stuff is cheesy or working too hard, trying to reinvent zombies and add some novel angle that changes the core of modern zombieism too much for my tastes. And I'm not really an "avid" reader in general. I'll drag out reading a book (even one I enjoy) for weeks or months - in lieu of other hobbies and priorities. Toderello's book did not fall into any of these traps. I finished The Lazarus Impact in a matter of days and enjoyed it immensely. - Dale_S I am not typically a fan of zombies, but I could not put this book down. Each chapter is told by a different character and not overly long making it easy to commit to "just one more chapter." The book is an easy and quick read. I read it not only in two days, but two sittings. Do not let the ease of the read trick you into thinking that the book will not cause you think. A variety of characters, each dealing with their own problems keeps the book interesting. - haselwoman The narrative is fast paced and action packed, I'm only half way through and can't put it down. Can't wait to see how Todarello ends this gruesome and gory ride! - Charlie Watch out Apostles. The gospel of Vincent is about to give your little book a run for it's money on Amazon's sci-fi best-sellers list. I strongly suggest you buy this book. Studies show that people who did not buy this book burned for eternity in hell. - Z-Man The author gets you hooked right from the start with exciting and descriptive narratives. Although this story ranks second on my list behind Sean of the Dead, the set up for the sequel has me thinking this could become my favorite. - Poos! Fantastic start line which keeps reader in suspense from first page to last. Hope the author is planning a book two,book three, etc. - dean_f_bauer I wasn't too sure about the book, when I purchased it. However, it drew me in from the second page and wouldn't let me go until the last page. Vincent Todarello has an amazing talent. Keep it up! - Laura
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