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Vincent grew up in a loving family in Suffolk County on Long Island. He studied biology in undergraduate school, and later became a patent attorney after graduating law school in Manhattan. He is happily married and still resides in New York. He spends his free time writing and working on his photography.

Vincent does all his own cover art, illustration and graphic design. When not working, writing, or shooting photos, Mr. Todarello is usually eating steak in and around Manhattan with his lovely wife. He’s eaten so much steak, that he has created a thorough review website that ranks steakhouses on a rigorous 100-point scoring system according to 10 categories.

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I am an enthusiast of zombie lore, but I definitely don't love everything zombie. I've probably bailed on as many zombie books and movies as I have finished. For me, a lot of zombie stuff is cheesy or working too hard, trying to reinvent zombies and add some novel angle that changes the core of modern zombieism too much for my tastes. And I'm not really an "avid" reader in general. I'll drag out reading a book (even one I enjoy) for weeks or months - in lieu of other hobbies and priorities. Toderello's book did not fall into any of these traps. I finished The Lazarus Impact in a matter of days and enjoyed it immensely.

- Dale_S

I am not typically a fan of zombies, but I could not put this book down. Each chapter is told by a different character and not overly long making it easy to commit to "just one more chapter." The book is an easy and quick read. I read it not only in two days, but two sittings. Do not let the ease of the read trick you into thinking that the book will not cause you think. A variety of characters, each dealing with their own problems keeps the book interesting.

- haselwoman

The narrative is fast paced and action packed, I'm only half way through and can't put it down. Can't wait to see how Todarello ends this gruesome and gory ride!

- Charlie

Watch out Apostles. The gospel of Vincent is about to give your little book a run for it's money on Amazon's sci-fi best-sellers list. I strongly suggest you buy this book. Studies show that people who did not buy this book burned for eternity in hell.

- Z-Man

The author gets you hooked right from the start with exciting and descriptive narratives. Although this story ranks second on my list behind Sean of the Dead, the set up for the sequel has me thinking this could become my favorite.

- Poos!

Fantastic start line which keeps reader in suspense from first page to last. Hope the author is planning a book two,book three, etc.

- dean_f_bauer

I wasn't too sure about the book, when I purchased it. However, it drew me in from the second page and wouldn't let me go until the last page. Vincent Todarello has an amazing talent. Keep it up!

- Laura

After releasing his very first and quite successful entry into the world of mythopoeic fantasy literature with The Return of the Fifth Stone, Vincent Todarello returns to the literary scene in a surprising and rather shocking splattering of flesh, carnage, and mayhem with The Lazarus Impact.

- David Hogsette

I really enjoyed this storyline. The characters are great. This is a series that I will enjoy reading. I highly recommend this book.

- Kelly Conway

Loved the book. Hope there is to be another soon. Can't wait. Would tell all my fellow zombie readers to read this. Keep up the good work.

- Amanda Simmons

The characters become real, their trials and tragedies become real. I am a fan of this genre and have read many zombie books but I truly like this one! It takes a realistic way of what life would most likely be like if the world ended tomorrow!

- April Reynolds "lcsdr60"

Mr. Todarello weaves a wonderful plot, develops great characters and leaves us hanging! Not fair!

- Maria

As a huge fan of the Zombie/apocalypse style books, this one is a def favorite. I loved all the different characters and how they all came together. I'll be adding Vincent Todarello to my list of must read authors. If you like James Cook, DJ Molles and Shawn Chesser, you'll like This book.

- momof4sweetgirls

This book is a must have for any zombie lover. The infection is not caused by the standard of all other zombie stories! Get it now before book 2 comes out and you are behind.

- Kurtis P Neveau

A good, fast read that Vincent crafts into a very workable zombie story. I can't wait for the sequel! The characters are easily liked or disliked and It's nice to have a zombie infection that explains why zombies gush blood, when their hearts don't beat!

- Greg Kingsley

Loved the writing and the characters. This would make a great summer read for anybody. Todarello is a strong writer and well worth reading.


I love the style this book was written! I love how the epidemic was started and how the book left you wanting more, just like real life, the story is never over! Great job!

- Sweaty Ghost

It's not my usual read but I enjoyed it very much. It has action from the very start and keeps moving. The character development is good as you follow them thru this struggle. I am sure that there will be another volume to this story. I feel that Mr. Todarello will not disappoint his readers.


I feel like a treasure hunter who stumbled upon a chest of gold - but, I suppose that's what we are. Readers, always hunting for hidden gems.

- Shadow Girl

A short story that scared the snot out of me.I couldn't put it down,and read it in one setting.

- ellafan

The Diaper Man is straight outta the 80's horror. It takes a lot for a book to keep my attention. I knocked this one out in just over an hour. Once I started, I didn't want to put it down. Blood, sex, an urban much better can a short story get? Spoiler alert....there are no pictures.

- B. Gilbert

The Diaper Man worked as a good teaser to Todarello’s forthcoming short story collection. My interest has been awoken, and I will keep my eyes open for his future work.

- Hunger for Knowledge

One of the major strengths of the book are its many mythopoeic elements. As Dunsany, Tolkien, and Lewis did so brilliantly in the early-to-mid twentieth century, Todarello seeks to do more than entertain readers with an exciting narrative; he also strives to inspire our imaginations to greater heights by creating mythic structures through which to explore truth.

- David Hogsette

The "stones of Haaret" never failed to bring fantasy, adventure, magical swords and foul beast, the ongoing battle of good and evil and still show the greatest gifts given to man. As the story builds you find people not that different from our selves. They experience life filled with love for family, respect and honor given to those who want the best for us and the passions that can be so powerful or destructive. Even asks some tough questions with some considerations given like, why does our powerful God allow his people to suffer. The roles play out of those who would learn that Character can be stronger than emotions and yet it is our emotions bring strong inspiration and drive.

- Troy Man

This is, as the title of my review suggests, a solid entry into the chosen-one fantasy genre. The book describes a well thought out, comprehensive, and cohesive world, with consistent "rules," history, and religious mythos. The author obviously took the time to read and reread his manuscript in order to make sure everything was up to snuff.

- Nom de Guerre

Great book! Very easy reading. Characters were described in great detail which made them jump off the pages. Kept you involved until the very last page.

- Dom907

This very well written fantasy kept my interest as much as Lord Of The Rings. I hope to read more from this author soon and highly recommend this book!

- Jon Guitar Guy

Fantastic read.... couldn't put it down! The author has created a very in-depth, intricate world of fantasy that draws you in and never lets go! Highly recommended for fantasy fans- a must-read!

- lePlume

This book was a fun read... it was pretty well thought out and reminiscent of the tales where there's "a chosen one" character with Valdren and it's got a bit of everything: the whole inner conflict thing, love interests, loss, humor, fighting and adventure, good vs evil, sage wisdom, sacrifice, etc. but it is unique from other novels. It was a tiny bit wordy at first, but I see that it was necessary as it builds the backstory and helps to develop the characters. I really liked how the 4 peoples were written well... I could really visualize the descriptive characters in my head. The author made up this elaborate and Biblical history that makes you think "Ohhhh, I get it now" as you're reading the rest of the story. The story itself is really driving, the characters are great, and the world the author created is really one of a kind. It reminded me of a mix "Harry Potter" and "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" and "Lord of the Rings"

- Heather Enwin
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