What is Haaret?

Haaret is a world made of four living realms and two mystical realms. The four realms of the living are Ahaareta, Alapis, Aqos and Uhaaretu. The mystical realms are Eterna and the Sepulcre.
Ahaareta is primarily inhabited by humans. It has undergone some big changes since the ancient days. Now that Scievah has the Firestone in his possession, Ahaareta, like the other realms, has started to spiral into decay and ruin. The Great Divide separates the north from the south. The north is mostly a barren wasteland, with few habitable areas. The corrupt and those who follow Scievah have taken much of these lands, so those who keep the old ways must do so in secret.
Alapis is the floating continent, up in the sky. When Scievah took the Firestone, a great expanse of Alapis crumbled to the ground on Ahaareta. That land is called the Lapis Mountains, and it is the place where the fabric of the realms has torn, and the horrors of the Sepulcre bleed through. The winged Lapisians retreated from the rest of Haaret and sealed the way up to Alapis with magic. They remained there after Scievah took the Firestone. Save for one traveller, they have not been seen since the ancient times.
Aqos is the vast sea realm. The Aquidians who live there are half fish and half man. When Scievah took the Firestone, Aqos was ravaged by never-ending storms that churn upon the seas. As a result the Aquidians took shelter deeper in the oceans. Like the Lapisians, they too have abandoned the rest of Haaret.
Uhaaretu is the underground realm where the molemen dwell. Their land was much like Uhaaretu before Scievah took the Firestone, with rivers, trees, rains and even a mystical radiance that provided light in the deep. But now it has dwindled to ash. It has become dark, inhabitable, and dangerous. Scievah lives there in a palace when he is not trying to locate the other three power stones. It is said that no one keeps to the old ways of purity in Uhaaretu.
The true king and rightful ruler of Haaret lives in the mystical realm of Eterna. It is said that those who are truly pure pass on to Eterna when they die on Haaret. Those who do not follow the old ways are said to go to the Sepulcre when they pass. Only now, some of those in the Sepulcre have found a way back to Haaret, through a rip in the fabric of the realms near the Lapis Mountains.