“The “stones of Haaret” never failed to bring fantasy, adventure, magical swords and foul beast, the ongoing battle of good and evil and still show the greatest gifts given to man. As the story builds you find people not that different from our selves. They experience life filled with love for family, respect and honor given to those who want the best for us and the passions that can be so powerful or destructive.

Even asks some tough questions with some considerations given like, why does our powerful God allow his people to suffer. The roles play out of those who would learn that Character can be stronger than emotions and yet it is our emotions bring strong inspiration and drive.

Everything is kept simple and strait forward. Its people and cities were creative and intriguing. Its battle scenes were exciting and stressful. But I must say I wanted more detail in the events. Reminded me of a book by C.S. Lewis ” The Horse and His Boy” I look forward to book 2. Bring it on soon, Vincent!”

-Troy Man