The Return of the Fifth Stone

Haaret is inhabited by four peoples: humans of the land, mole people of the underworld, mermen of the sea, and winged people of the clouds. When the four realms were created, a power stone was placed in each to sustain them. Scievah stole one of the stones to harness its force. As a result the realms began to fall apart, and people succumbed to Scievah’s temptations to obtain the stones’ alluring powers. The other three stones were hidden, but Scievah searches fervently for them in an unstable world where a secret rebellion awaits signs of a prophecy in hopes to challenge his rule and restore peace and stability to Haaret.

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The Return of the Fifth Stone ($14.99 paperback; $0.99 Kindle)
Fantasy, Young Adult; 406 pages, 6″x9″

The Lazarus Impact

A meteor shower pelts the earth with strange debris on Christmas Eve. The US power grid fails due to the impact of a large meteorite. The dust plume causes severe illness and death as it blows east across America. As a result the government quarantines the entire northeast. Military personnel wearing gas masks patrol the edges of the affected area, preventing anyone from crossing. But when the dead start coming back to life and eating the living, the US braces itself for a full-on zombie outbreak that no military barricade can keep contained.

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The Lazarus Impact ($12.99 paperback; $0.99 Kindle)
Horror, Science Fiction; 285 pages, 6″x9″

The Streets Fantastic

The Streets Fantastic is a novella that follows a young artist with a painful and psychologically splintered past as he struggles to cope with amnesia. In trying to piece together the events that happened just before he lost his memory, he explores his own psyche to rediscover two forgotten love affairs; a damaged one that leads him further into the quagmire of his muddled mind, and a hopeful one that paves a path to recovery.

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The Streets Fantastic ($6.99 paperback; $0.99 Kindle)
Psychological Fiction; 102 pages, 5″x8″


Mindscape is a collection of short written works by Vincent Todarello under pen name James T. Vincent. The poems and compositions contained within represent the author’s thoughts, frustrations, pains, joys, spiritual struggles, political musings, longings, desires and social commentary experienced during his young-adult life.

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Mindscape ($6.99 paperback; $0.99 Kindle)
Poetry, Lyrics; 116 pages, 5″x8″

The Diaper Man

The Diaper Man is a short story in the style of a 1980’s horror movie throw back. Young kids venture inside an abandoned mental facility to shoot a low budget horror movie. But they soon learn that the urban legend telling of an escaped killer who remains there just might happen to be true.

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The Diaper Man ($4.99 paperback; $0.99 Kindle)
Horror, Short Story; 66 pages, 4″x6″

The Beef Bible: A Carnivore’s Compendium

Johnny Prime’s meat manifesto! In this reference tome, you’ll learn all about the beef business; from breeding to butchery, from calving to carving.

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The Beef Bible: A Carnivore’s Compendium ($11.99 paperback; $4.99 Kindle)
Food, Reference; 215 pages, 5″x8″