Having published several of my own books through services like Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace, SmashWords, and PubIt/Nook Press, I have a certain level of institutional knowledge about how the self-publishing process works. It can be very daunting, confusing and frustrating to those who are just getting their feet wet. Editing, formatting, cover design… they can add up to a massive, throbbing headache. That is why they say that the real work starts AFTER you’ve completed your manuscript. If, like many people, you’re overwhelmed by it and would like someone else to take on that burden, I can help. Below is a list of services that I offer. Contact me to discuss availability and pricing.

Manuscript Editing

Simply put, I’ll edit your book for grammar and spelling, and I’ll offer some objective advice and constructive criticism on how to highlight your strengths and overcome any weaknesses in story flow, structure and quality. I spent a few years writing, editing and publishing legal scholarship and news articles as well, so the range of content with which I’m familiar varies widely.

Formatting & Publishing

Some of the formatting issues involved in the self publication process are downright oppressive. I can navigate them with ease, having gone through the process several times. I’ll get your manuscript formatted correctly for both print and ebook versions, ready for publishing. All you have to do is put your stamp of approval on a proof version before I hit the “publish” button.

Book Cover Design

I’m a photographer, and I’m pretty good with Photoshop. I’ve designed all of my book covers, as well as the illustrations for The Return of the Fifth Stone. If you like what you see, we can discuss options for your cover as well.