About Haaret

What is Haaret?

Haaret is a world made of four living realms and two mystical realms. The four realms of the living are Ahaareta, Alapis, Aqos and Uhaaretu. The mystical realms are Eterna and the Sepulcre.

Map of Ahaareta

Ahaareta is primarily inhabited by humans. It has undergone some big changes since the ancient days. Now that Scievah has the Firestone in his possession, Ahaareta, like the other realms, has started to spiral into decay and ruin.

The Ancients

The ancients are the first four Ahaareti on Haaret and their immediate descendants. The split between pure and impure happened early on in Haareti history.

Genealogy of the Unity

This genealogy shows Valdren’s family tree, demonstrating that he is the Unity; the one who possesses the blood of the four races of Haaret.

Scievah’s Crest

The sigil worn by Scievah and his impure soldiers; a raven with a serpentine head and forked tongue, clutching the Firestone in its talons.

Fulton’s Amulet

Fulton, the gemsmith, crafted this for the travelers in Kal’Adria. Each colored stone represents a different realm and race of Haaret.