Book Synopsis

This short tale of terror takes place at an abandoned mental facility, where years earlier a deranged psychopath known as The Diaper Man escaped from the insane asylum one stormy night. Authorities said the lunatic was captured and killed, but the local urban legend is that he still roams the decrepit halls of the old crumbling institution.

When some young kids venture inside for cheap thrills and to shoot a low budget zombie movie, they might be surprised to find that the old tale is true.

The Diaper Man is a straight-forward, gory, heart-pounding, R-rated hack-and-slash fest in the style of Todarello’s favorite film genre: 1980’s horror.

A true throwback, The Diaper Man pays homage to a time when it was okay to flash pointless, gratuitous nudity on screen, and when it was awesome to anticipate the creative ways the killer chose to dispense of his victims. If you like all things scream, then you will love The Diaper Man.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for more short stories in Todarello’s series of Long Island urban legends.

The Diaper Man: Horror, Short Story