In Progress

In Progress

Below is a list of novel and short story concepts I am working on in between my photography and restaurant review dalliances.

Mary’s Grave

Next in the Long Island Urban Legends series of short stories is the haunting tale of Mary’s Grave. If you liked The Diaper Man, you’ll like this too.

Untitled Lazarus Impact Sequel/West of Lazarus

We follow the remaining survivors as they carry on from where they left off at the end of The Lazarus Impact.

Johnny Prime’s Tome of Meat

A comedic reference book written by Johnny Prime, carnivore connoisseur, that delves deep into the world of steak and meat.

Untitled Fifth Stone Sequel/Prequel

We follow Valdren and his companions on a new journey, while simultaneously getting an inside look at Gelande’s efforts to stop Scievah’s rise to power, prior to the events of The Return of the Fifth Stone.