Avid Goodreads reader Hunger for Knowledge snagged a freebie copy of The Diaper Man. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Alright. I have to admit that when I came across The Diaper Man I thought it was a joke. The title, and the cover, made me laugh. It was free at the time, so I picked it up, even though I was not sure would I ever actually read it. It was just a way to continue the joke between me and myself. However, what you find behind the funny title, and the disturbingly weird cover, is no joke. There actually is an solid horror story, a decent work of writing.

The Diaper Man walks through routes of a slasher flick. In other words, this story reads like an horror movie. Todarello uses the familiar tricks and scares to gain and keep the readers attention. These elements might make the story predictable, but as it is with the films too, it never makes it less enjoyable ride to experience.

The Diaper Man worked as a good teaser to Todarello’s forthcoming short story collection. My interest has been awoken, and I will keep my eyes open for his future work.

I’m always happy to pleasantly surprise readers. The Diaper Man truly is a fun, quick read. Poke around this guy’s blog too while you’re at it; it’s a well put together site.