The Streets Fantastic

Book Synopsis

The Streets Fantastic is a novella that follows a young artist with a painful and psychologically splintered past as he struggles to cope with amnesia.

In trying to piece together the events that happened just before he lost his memory, he explores his own psyche to rediscover two forgotten love affairs; a damaged one that leads him further into the quagmire of his muddled mind, and a streets fantastic front coverhopeful one that paves a path to recovery.

This noir-inspired melodrama chronicles the artist’s lucid journey through a mysterious dreamscape that mirrors a warped reflection of his reality.

But are the memories real, or are they all just part of an elaborate, false construct built up in his tormented head and reconnected through his shattered subconscious?

Take the journey with him, wherever it may lead.

The Streets Fantastic ($6.99 paperback; $0.99 Kindle)
Psychological Fiction; 102 pages, 5″x8″