It has been one month since I published The Lazarus Impact in paperback and for Kindle. In that short amount of time, my thrilling zombie tale has been buried firmly in Amazon’s best seller ranks; it is consistently among the top 25 for horror and the top 50 for science fiction, with it’s best numbers being #17 for horror and #36 for scifi.

Sales have been great! On March 19th Amazon sent out a blast email announcing that The Lazarus Impact had been published a week earlier (original publish date was 3/12/13). After that some well-followed twitter and pinterest accounts picked up the link and posted it, thrusting my new book into viral outbreak mode. As a result I have reached about 2,400 sales in just one month!!!

Thanks for the overwhelming support, and if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, here are the Amazon product page links again.

Spread the disease!!!

The Lazarus Impact ($12.99 paperback; $3.99 Kindle)
Horror, Science Fiction; 285 pages, 6″x9″